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Arena is between Hwy 13 & Hwy F @ Hwy 215 West

Brighton, MO



Greetings to all –

            As you may, or may not have heard, Brighton Saddle Club is at a crossroads.  Participation at events and meetings have been steadily declining.  This phenomenon has been affecting all saddle clubs in the area. The past year has been especially difficult, with only a few members working behind the scenes consistently.  Our shows have had some new participants, all who have expressed how much ‘they enjoyed themselves and what fun they had’, but most of the past members have quit showing and/or showing up.  Mostly, we are told, due to other obligations and events.

            When questioned, everyone expresses a desire to have the club continue as it has in the past.  However, the current officers, board members and workers are all expressing no desire to continue the club in its current state.

            At our Annual Banquet & Awards last November, we elected officers and 6 board members.  During 2018, 3 board members and our vice-president resigned.  Other members were asked to step forward and accept a position – not one volunteered, sadly, all those asked said ‘No’.

            Our next regular meeting, and final meeting of the year, will be held Tuesday, November 13 th at Smith’s Restaurant beginning at 7:00 pm.  If you would like to eat and fellowship, a room has been reserved beginning at 6:00 pm.

            Up for business would be discussion and voting to decide if we, as a group, want to continue the Brighton Saddle Club, or suspend all activities. This is a very important decision, and we would strongly encourage EVERYONE to attend. If we proceed as a functioning club, nominations and voting for officers and board members will follow.

            Please bring your appetite, positive attitude, and ideas for the long-term future for the

Brighton Saddle Club – we look forward to seeing you there!!



~~~  OFFICERS  ~~~

President:  Barbara Howe – 417.894.2244                                                    Secretary: Janice Lee – 918.919.9297

                                                            Treasurer:  Jim Batten – 417.327.5610



3-YEAR TERM                                       2-YEAR TERM                                       1-YEAR TERM

                       Dawn O’Connor                                                            Janice Lee                                                            Barbara Howe



BSC Membership Application 2018
Microsoft Word document [25.5 KB]

Arena Directions

DIRECTIONS FROM BOLIVAR - South on Hwy 13 to first Hwy 215 Exit (flashing light) - turn left (East) arena is on the north side before the fire station.


DIRECTIONS FROM SPRINGFIELD - North on Hwy 13 to second Hwy 215 Exit (flashing light) - turn right (East) arena is on north side before the fire station.

Interested in joining the Brighton Saddle Club?

Download the Membership Application and bring it with you to the next show.


Barbara Howe - 417-894-2244

Jim Batten - 417-327-5610



~~~  OFFICERS  ~~~

President:  Barbara Howe – 417.894.2244                                                    Secretary: Janice Lee – 918.919.9297

Vice President: Christy Whitlock                                                                   Treasurer:  Jim Batten – 417.327.5610



3-YEAR TERM                                                 2-YEAR TERM                                                    1-YEAR TERM

          Dawn O'Connor                                                    Janice Lee                                       Terry Stewart                 Christy Whitlock                                             Ronda Stewart                                     Barbara Howe

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Brighton Saddle Club
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1185 E 500th Rd, Bolivar, MO 65613

Phone: 417.894.2244


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